Ingenex is a 100% Kazakh owned and managed engineering company offering design and engineering services for wide range of clients. The basic concept of our company is to provide a cost effective engineering service that ensures successful implementation of our client’s ideas and requirements. Ingenex are a full service multidiscipline engineering company with the capability of taking a project from inception to completion. We have an open approach to solving our client’s operational requirements and are always on hand to discuss solutions or ideas in the best interests of the project.

MISSION: We strive to be recognized by our clients as their preferred engineering partner.

VISION: To bring our clients technically superior and cost-effective solutions whilst considering their highest priorities.

FOCUS ON QUALITY IMPROVEMENT: Support and development of the provided services quality is one of the company’s core values. Quality is a solid foundation for our engineering product or solution. Quality prioritization is on the top of agenda at all production levels, a fundamental idea of the projects we develop.

FULFILL OF CLIENT EXPECTATIONS: Each project has a unique set of requirements and conditions for successful delivery. Understanding the client goals, requirements and motivation is the cornerstone of a successful project. Ingenex is focused on the needs and preferences of our client. By compiling a project team of experienced engineers, we strive to achieve a cost effective, high quality result.

SAFETY COMMITMENT: Adherence to safety in all aspects of our activities is the foundation of our corporate culture. Safety in design is one of our top priorities. Our focus is to ensure that everything we design and engineer is done so with safety and the environment in mind. We provide our engineers with state-of-theart training and technologies to enable this to be delivered.

LEADERSHIP: Professionalism and confidence in our work requires openness and trust within our company and with our clients. We build relationships based on trust and gain the confidence of our clients and our engineers. By providing clear leadership and motivation through empowerment, tools, resources and processes, we create openness and trust for successful completion of projects.

PERFECTION: We are a developing company and accept that the principle of this development is a continuous process of education and increased knowledge of our engineers. Implementing a horizontal management structure removes the red tape and bottlenecks found normally in corporate structures enabling our client to receive information and deliverables in a timely manner.

Ingenex use the latest technology in design processes and implement pioneering engineering solutions, which have been successfully proven worldwide.